Q2 2015

12M people

used Ad blockers

Between 20-25% of total online audience

£27.3Bn predicted
£14.38Bn predicted

Total 2014 Display advertising
£2,274M (IAB)

2014 - £500M

The Solution is here:

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

Just add a single piece of client-side code to your site.

CPM and CPC based campaigns

CPM and CPC based campaigns

CounterBlock works with your ad server so you can measure impressions and clickthroughs as you do with your unblocked traffic.

Full creative support

Full creative support

Serve Image, Flash and HTML5 based ads.

Putting things right

  • CounterBlock was created to allow publishers to recover lost revenue.
  • Focusing on premium publishing, we aim to keep the internet a content funded, high quality, healthy place.
  • Mindful of why ads are blocked, we discourage large heavy weight ads and encourage subtle less intrusive advertising.
  • Knowing that data abuse concerns users, we encourage environment driven targeting over data driven selection.
  • CounterBlock is a quality tool for reputable publishers.